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Bearcat Discovery Center

The Bearcat Discovery Center program is based on the idea that children are competent, inquisitive, learners who benefit most from the open-ended exploration of their environment. Children explore with hands-on, age and developmentally-appropriate experiences. We value the research on play-based learning and agree that children’s work is play. We also emphasize the development of social skills and a strong image of self.
Bearcat Discovery Center believes that “play is the work of children” (Jean Piaget). Through
active play in an intentionally designed classroom children are encouraged to make
meaning of their world and in the process learn all of the skills that they need to become
ready for kindergarten. Bearcat Teachers utilize the California Preschool Framework and
Foundations, developed by California Department of Education, to ensure that our
curriculum is meeting the need of our children and readies children for TK/Kindergarten.
We are required by California Department of Education to assess our children. We use
Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) for all children. The DRDP is an ongoing
assessment tool that is based on authentic observation of children. These assessments are
housed in DRDP online, which is monitored by CDE. Teacher’s will meet with the
parent/guardian twice per year (October and April) to discuss strengths and areas of
growth in their child.